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The Quit Smoking in 60® process is simple and easy to get started.

All change happens at the unconscious level and it can happen in an instant. Hypnosis will help you tap into the powerful resources of your unconscious mind to catch up with your conscious decision to quit. According to an independent University of Washington School of Medicine study, hypnotherapy has a 90.6% success rate helping smokers quit. Even 3 years after their original session!

"I feel free!  I don't have to hide in the garage anymore!" ~ Jamie


We conduct a telephone interview where you answer some questions about your smoking habits and your compelling "why" as to your motivation to quit smoking.  If we agree that we're a good fit for each other, we move forward in setting the live hypnotherapy session and you will complete a few tasks prior to your session.  Schedule your FREE telephone interview online at:


Live Hypnotherapy Session

In the live hypnotherapy session, we cover any additional questions you may have and set clear intentions for your desired outcome.  This is a "do with" process, not a "do to" process as we're partners in you becoming a non-smoker!  The actual hypnotherapy session takes approximately 60 minutes.  To include Q&A time, please plan for 90 minutes total.  Your session may be in person or virtual using Zoom.


You leave the office a non-smoker!  Hypnotherapy has smashing success in permanently changing behavior and according to an independent study conducted by University of Washington School of Medicine, hypnotherapy has a 90.6% success rate helping smokers quit.  Those trained in the system I use have a 96% success ratio! 

Those are odds to bank on.

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